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Wastewater Services

Wastewater Services

wastewaterFully Certified in Confined Space

We specialize in wastewater structure rehabilitation to utilities, municipalities and commercial customers in selected key markets around the country. At Paints & Coatings, Inc. we understand water & wastewater operations and we provide a full range of solutions for both public and private sector clients. Our highly trained technicians employ the best technology to inspect and clean sewer, septic and stormwater systems.

Coatings and linings are essential to protecting your investment in tanks, vessels, steel structures, sumps, trenches, secondary containment and other hard-working components of your commercial and industrial facilities. Today’s high-tech materials can protect and enhance performance better than ever before, but they also demand more from an applicator: sophisticated knowledge to choose the right material for your job, and the latest equipment for proper surface preparation and material application.

We know that in wastewater management, an ounce of prevention is worth many thousands of dollars of cure. For that reason, we recommend and provide systematic, planned preventive maintenance to help you avoid the cost, inconvenience, and legal actions that can result from unanticipated wastewater management system failures.